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Congratulations, you’ve sold your company. Now what? Minimize

For most business owners, the sale of their company is the largest single financial transaction they will ever experience. For some, it’s a lot like winning the lottery. They have never seen so much money in one place. In fact, they may have never dreamed of being that successful.

And, like lottery winners, all of a sudden they receive requests for financial assistance and generosity. Or, they decide to reward themselves with material purchases or luxury items they could never afford before.

Now, consider how quickly you could run through a few million dollars

How easily can the money disappear? Very easily. Just take a look at the following scenarios:

  • Mr. Green decides to take the whole family to Europe for a Mediterranean cruise.
  • Mrs. Gray wants to pay off her mother’s home to help her feel more secure.
  • The Smiths buy vacation property in Colorado.
  • Mr. Blanco pays a generous farewell bonus to all of his loyal employees.
  • You decide to help your son start his own restaurant, although you know that most of them fail in the first year.
  • You can donate to your children’s school and have the new library named after your wife.
  • Strangers appear from all angles with touching tales of need.
The reality is that many business owners have supported much of their lifestyle through the business. Most likely, you have too. For example, How often do you eat out at restaurants and call it business entertainment? Do you drive a luxury car and charge it to the business? Do you find a business reason to write off most of your vacation travel? And what about little things like postage, paper, computers, and cell phones?

After the completion of the sale, you’ll still be responsible for your lifestyle expenses. So, you’ll need to develop a spending plan that fits in with how you want to live.

Making your money work when you’re no longer at work

At SMART Group Houston, we can help you develop a plan to make your money work for you when you are no longer “at work. ” And do it without making you feel like you’re “on a budget.” Many people expect to spend less in retirement. Our experience is that for most people, early retirement (the Go-Go years) means more travel, redecorating the house, more golf, etc. You finally have time to do the things you enjoy.

In our experience, what people monetizing their wealth creation engine want most is:

  • Safety of principal,
  • Moderate growth,
  • Stable cash flow,
  • An understandable strategy, and
  • Low overall risk.
We’ll develop a plan to help you keep your money flowing.

For the proceeds of your business sale, we can develop a Money in Motion Solutions® plan to help you manage the growth, the risk, and the potential income tax implications of your new portfolio. With your spending plan, we want you to be able to enjoy life without the fear of running out of money.

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