Comprehensive Peace of Mind

 The SMART Process® is comprised of five phases. The initial meeting is all about you. We spend from an hour to 1-1/2 hours with you to help identify your desires, past experiences and how you would envision us assisting you in a sound financial future.

Identify Obstacles to Your Financial Success

  •  Comprehensive review of your current situation
  • Understanding of your financial goals, desires, and obstacles facing you
  • Evaluation of your past experience with financial planners
  • Completion of SMART Group Houston Client Questionnaire
  • Build a hypothetical long-term projection of where you may be at an agreed upon date in the future, built on agreed upon hypothetical returns for your accumulated wealth

The Exploration Process

Help enhance the opportunities contributing to your success

  • Develop ways to add blocks of capital from existing resources
  • Develop strategies to help provide income tax relief, working to reduce overall risk
  • Minimize exposure to loss from judgments, also called asset protection
  • Build recovery program to offset lost opportunity costs or losses
  • Assist in improving your total wealth
  • Help provide you with increased certainty of your goals being achieved

Charting the Course

Give you more time to utilize your strengths. Free up your time to focus on what you enjoy doing, and that which gives you the greatest results for your effort and time.

  • Propose an overall financial plan—including retirement plans, company 401(k) or savings plans, or defined benefit plans
  • Work in harmony with your stated desires
  • Present your complete financial proposal and outline of steps for implementation
  • The SMART Group Houston plan will be uniquely customized for you and will contain proprietary strategies developed by SMART Group or its associates. Partial implementation may not produce desired results


 Putting the plan into action.

  • Implementation of strategies with your approval. We don’t take any action until you approve.
  • Realignment as your life circumstances change.
  • Consolidate assets for ease of management, where appropriate.
  • Put in place new blocks of capital to assist in removing uncertainty from your future.

Annual Review and Fine Tuning

  •  Assess the performance of implemented strategies and make adjustments that may be appropriate based on changes in market conditions or in your own personal circumstances.
  • Provide an annual meeting with other advisors you invite to review your next (one year) goals – outlining what would make you happy with your progress.

The SMART Group Houston plan will be uniquely customized for you and will contain proprietary strategies developed by SMART Group Houston or its suppliers. Partial implementation may not produce desired results.  SMART Group Houston does not provide specific legal or tax advice.  Financial decisions should be made in consultation with you attorney and tax advisors.  No specific investments are recommended or implied.