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Chief Executive Officer

George is a CPA with more than two decades of high-level management and financial experience. He joined SMART Group Houston as President in 2009.  He specializes in helping individuals and families, as well as executives and business owners, develop comprehensive solutions to achieve their long-term dreams of financial independence.

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Chris’ passion lies in meeting new people, learning about them and building strong long-term relationships built on a foundation of education, trust and a desire to help people achieve their financial goals.

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Vice President

As a proven executive with over twenty years of management experience, Sami offers a unique combination of skills and expertise including executive leadership, communications, strategic thinking, FP&A, M&A, treasury, working with private equity, and financial management. 

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Vice President

Doug has 13 years’ experience as a financial advisor and has been helping individuals and business owners implement strategies to preserve and protect their wealth, and to live financially rewarding lives. Doug has been able to help clients successfully manage the factors within their control, to create customized solutions that address the complex needs of his clients.  

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Vice President

After spending 16 years as a leader in the wellness and fitness industry, Jason Lee has taken his passion for serving others and moved from health management to wealth management. He joined SMART Group Houston in September 2017 and became a Vice President in 2018. He has a commitment to serving others in the community and for helping his clients to achieve their financial goals.

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Wealth Strategy Analyst

Aileen has been with SMART Group Houston for the last 5 years.  Her education and experience as an analyst allow her to be successful in assisting advisors to implement financial planning and strategies.  Along with supporting in the client service functions, Aileen is also involved in Profit Picture®, a visual representation of data.  She is the liaison between existing clients and our IT team.

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Client Service Manager

Shelbi has a passion for delivering excellent service to each and every client. Her background, prior to joining SMART Group Houston in 2022, includes working as a Financial Advisor and a Branch Office Administrator for Edward Jones where she helped clients achieve what’s most important to them. 

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Director of Insurance Services

Tracy’s passion of helping people find solutions to their challenges is a result of being a self-described “out of the box person.”  Countless times, over the past 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, this has served her well. Her extensive background includes underwriting, case design, premium finance, contracting and policy service. 

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Director of Financial Planning

Nick entered the industry in 2006 working for one of the world’s largest mutual fund companies.  In 2010 he earned the Certified Financial PlannerTM designation and began his career as a financial planner.

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Director of Operations

Adela Tischina is a teacher at heart.  She previously worked in the Houston Independent School District as an educator for many years where she served as a leader in her school.  Being diverse as she is, with an interest in finance, she joined SMART Group Houston in 2015. 

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